Terms of Use Sentoo.me Payment Request

Last updated on May 20, 2024

What are these conditions about?

These conditions apply to a one-off payment via Sentoo.me. This payment option is described below. Sentoo B.V.* (“Sentoo”) is the provider of this service.

How does a payment request via Sentoo.me work?

You create and send a Sentoo.me payment request via WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, or email. The payer can also scan a QR code by mobile phone to receive the payment request. The payment will be prepared by Sentoo and directly linked to the secure bank environment. Once the payment request has been fulfilled, the recipient will receive an instant notification that the payment has been made. The amount is instantly transferred to the receiver’s bank account.

When will you receive the payment?

Once a Sentoo.me payment request has been paid, the money will be received in your bank account within 5 seconds.

Phone Number Verification

Sentoo.me verifies the phone number of its users. When you get started, you will receive a WhatsApp, SMS, or phone call with a code to verify your phone number.
For more information on the phone verification process, please visit this link.

Bank Account Verification

Sentoo.me also verifies the bank account of its users. The process is as follows:

1. Sentoo transfers 0.01 cent to your account with a verification code in the description.
2. When Sentoo finishes verifying the account, you will receive an app notification that the verification process is completed on our side.
3. You will now have the option to enter the verification code in the Sentoo.me App to complete the verification.

When this bank account check has been done, you can recognize it by the green check mark behind the linked bank account. This is only a tool, and no rights can be derived from it. If your bank account remains unverified, you are not yet able to use your bank account in Sentoo.me.

For more information on the bank account verification process, please visit this this link.

Are there costs involved?

Sentoo does not charge any costs for a Sentoo.me payment.

Restrictions on Use

Sentoo.me is intended for personal use only and should not be used for business payments. We will close the account if we determine that business payments are being requested through the app. If you wish to use Sentoo.me for business, you must apply for Sentoo.me for Business. Interested in Sentoo.me for Business? Email us at business@sentoo.me and sign up today!

What is Sentoo (not) responsible for?

When paying via Sentoo.me, Sentoo prepares the payment request at the participating bank. The payer pays according to the indicated bank account number and their own bank carries out the payment. If the payment has not arrived at the person you want to pay, you must inquire about the payment with your own bank or the other person's bank. Sentoo is not responsible for damage caused by, for example, the payment not being immediately credited to the indicated bank account number.

What to do in case of complaints about payment?

If you have any complaints, please contact the Sentoo.me support desk via support@sentoo.me.

Termination & Liability

Sentoo reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or cancel a user account in case of a breach of terms or when we suspect malicious intentions. Sentoo shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by users, including but not limited to technical failures or misinterpretation of information received from Sentoo.

Which law applies?

These conditions are applicable under the law of Curaçao. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Finally, also this…

You can read more about the use of your personal data and what your rights are in the separate privacy and cookie statement. Sentoo can always change these conditions and publish the changed conditions on the Sentoo.me website.

*Sentoo B.V., located in Willemstad Curaçao, is registered in the Curaçao Trade Register under number 163597.