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Night out with friends

Last night’s drinks 🍸

ANG 85.00 Paid

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 211 3275 154

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Friends having dinner
  • Sentoo
    1h ago
    Great news!
    Your request for Va👏ca👏tion has just been paid!

For the new mom to be

Split shared activities

Friends having dinner

Niki’s babyshower gift 🤫

AWG 45.00 Pending

Caribbean Mercantile Bank: 400 3385 754

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Everyone can pay your request. The other person does not need the app to pay, just a personal bank account at the participating banks.

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With, you can receive your money safely and securely. Payments requests are paid directly into your personal bank account. Is your bank connected to Click on the flag of your country to find out more about available banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

With, you can safely and quickly send your friends or family a payment request. Link your personal bank account and create a payment request in seconds. Send using WhatsApp, sms or whatever works best for you. Your friends can pay you back instantly via Sentoo and their bank account. is supported by the participating banks and meets strict security requirements. We verify our users’ phone number and bank account before they can get started.

Anyone with a personal bank account at the participating banks can use Your friends or family don’t need the app, just an account at one of the banks. Currently available at CMB in Aruba, MCB Bonaire in Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius, WIB in St. Maarten, and MCB Curaçao. More banks coming soon.

Nope, this is not necessary. You send a payment request to your friends. They then simply pay via Sentoo and their own bank. Of course, we think it's great if your friends download the app.

Yes, you can add up to 4 personal bank accounts to

Go to your bank statement and look up a 1 cent deposit from 'Sentoo B.V.' on your account. This should be received within 3 business days. In the description you will find the verification code. Quick note: this code is needed to verify that your bank account is correct and is different from the code that you receive in WhatsApp. That's used to verify your phone number.

It means your account is still in the process of being verified. This takes anywhere between 1 and 3 business days. Once it's done, the app will notify you and ask you to fill in the verification code for your bank account. Just hold on, and sit tight. Whatever you do, don't delete the app to start over.

Yes! is free. We do not charge transactions costs for payments via Sentoo.

You sure can! Sign up for for Business and send personalized payment requests to your customers. To get started, sign up at

If someone sends you money, the bank will instantly transfer it into your account. However, if a payment is made after business hours or on a weekend, it may take up to 1 hour to process and show in your bank account.